How to convert jing swf to avi

How to convert swf screen recording videos to avi file format, the swf video converter can help you. Swf video converter is a sophisticated shareware to convert swf(*.swf) to avi(*.avi) with minimum loss of video quality and reasonably preserved file size. The interface is deadly simple, it supports to convert both video and audio data of the swf file, it decompiles the swf file, convert, mix and recombine the data into a whole new form, the avi video format.

Ok, this is the step by step guide to convert jing swf to avi with swf video converter

Download swf video converter

Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

Import swf files captured by jing, if it is not a screen recording made by jing, if it is a online video embedded on some webpage you stumbled on, click on “grab swf” and paste the url of that web page in the address bar, the swf video can be downloaded to your hard drive in a few minutes

Click “next”, set output video format as avi

Click convert, the swf file will be converted to avi in a moment of time

The point of converting the flash to avi is to expand the usability of flash which encumbered by the absence on many of the video editor or device’s supporting list. Apple’s hardware, for instance, so adamantly rejected flash and never bother to hide the desire to bury it. Android, once the faithful follower, abandoned ship since android 4.0. Also with some basic but useful video editors like the windows live movie maker preinstalled with windows and the iMovie come buddle with mac os, have issues with flash, things might be harsh for flash but with the swf video converter, there’s no incompatibility issues that can’t be addressed, even it is impossible to persuade apple or google to adopt flash, we can always change the very nature of it and makes it a video.