How to convert Jing swf to mp4

Jing is a screen casting tool, deadly simple, practical for casual usage, produce quality videos that match what could offered by costing commercial screen recorder. But, there’s one drawback, supposedly even a fatal one for many people, it only record in swf flash file format, which means, after recording what you have done, you can’t import the video to windows movie maker or iMovie for further editing since the incompatibility between flash and almost all the video editing software. Also you can’t directly upload the swf file to YouTube since the swf is not on the fairly lengthy list of video formats that supported by YouTube, or Vimeo, break, yahoo video, and other video sharing site.

So, to solve the problem, we should convert the swf video captured by jing the screen recorder to something more popular and friendly with video editors or video sharing community. And the best choice naturally goes to the mp4 video format – the most ubiquitous video format of the digital world, universally supported by all the media players as iPad, iPhone, android tab, it can be easily imported to video editors for further polishing, the video sharing site are all for mp4 video format, so, mp4 is the way to go.

The step by step guide to convert jing swf to mp4

Download swf video converter, the software supports to convert swf files to various video and audio format, it can also download and save online swf videos on your hard drive.
Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

Install and launch swf video converter, import files, if the swf video is embedded on a webpage, just paste the url of this very page in the address bar of “grab swf” menu
SWF Video Converter

After swf video file is imported, click “next”

Set output video format as mp4

Click “convert”, the swf captured by jing will be converted to mp4 in a short period of time.

Now you can share your screen casting on YouTube or import the mp4 video to iMovie for further editing.

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