How to convert Jing SWF video to windows movie maker

Windows live movie maker, preinstalled with windows, the dominating operating system, has its say, though basic and sometimes unusable for professional use, it could be perfect handy for lightweight video editing works like spiting video, cropping or inserting text. But, the sweet windows live movie maker has its weakness, it can’t handle SWF file. Here comes the problem we are about to solve today, how to convert Jing SWF video to windows movie maker for editing.

Jing is a free screen casting software, the videos are saved as SWF file, which is a bit tricky. To import SWF files captured by Jing to windows movie maker, we need to convert SWF to avi, mp4 or any format that supported by windows movie maker, which is plenty.

The step by step guide to convert Jing SWF to windows movie maker

Download SWF video converter, the software supports to output SWF flash files to various video formats, decompile SWF files, decode video and audio data, and remix and reformat into video format.
Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

Install and launch SWF video converter, you may notice that besides being a video conversion tool, the software also can function as a SWF flash video downloader and a basic video editing software. If you have SWF files you want that is embedded on web, click “grab SWF”, then paste the web address of the web page to the address bar, click “grab”, the SWF file will soon be downloaded to your hard drive.

Import SWF file, then click “next”

Set output video format, avi is considered to be a fine editing format on windows ecosystem, windows live movie maker should have no trouble handling videos in avi format

Click convert, the SWF screen casting video captured by Jing will soon be converted avi video format that can be easily imported and edited in windows live movie maker