How to convert swf to mp3

Flash has become the standard means for publishing media or games on the web, from time to time we stumbled on a site that embedded the flash media we want to keep, and this is a guide about how to extract music from web swf animation, how to convert swf to mp3.

The step by step guide to convert swf to mp3 with swf video converter

Swf video converter is a sophisticated flash decompile tool that performs smoothly, it reformat the audio and video data bundled within the swf files and remix them into a standard video, or extract the audio data and save it as mp3.

To begin with, download the trial version of swf video converter
Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

Install and Launch the software

If the flash is still on the web, click “grab”, then go to the webpage where the swf is embedded, copy the url and paste it in the address bar, click “grab”, the online flash will soon be downloaded to your hard drive and be available for extraction.

Import swf files to swf video converter

Click “next”

In the next windows you will be asked to choose output format, click “common audio” , and set mp3 as the output audio format

Click convert to convert swf to mp3