How to convert SWF to mp4 for iPad

Apple’s relentless pursuit to perfection hurts adobe, the maker of flash, whose technology were denied from ios devices, iPad, a perfect toy for surfing the web, watching videos, can’t play the ubiquitous swf flash files, if the stalemate bugs you, there’s a way around, if you have swf files you’d like to put on iPad, it is recommended to convert the flash swf to videos, and the best watching format that supported by iPad, is mp4.

So, the vision is clear, now we need to choose a solution to accomplish this task with minimal hassle, and the swf to mp4 video converter is the answer.
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Swf to mp4 video converter is an advanced video conversion tool that supports to convert flash swf files to videos in miscellaneous formats, such as mp4, mov, flv, it can also extract audios from the swf file and save the extracted audio as mp3. The software packed with a flash video downloading tool, by simply copy and paste the link of the webpage where the swf files resided, you can easily grab the swf file and saved on your hard disk, further, on your iPad.

The step by step guide to convert swf to iPad

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SWF Video Converter

Click “select files” and add the swf files. If the swf video is still on the web, you can downloaded it with swf to mp4 converter, to do that, click “Grab SWF”, then paste the url of the webpage where the swf video embedded, click “Grab”, the swf animation will be saved on your hard drive.

When swf file is added, click “next”, set output video format as mp4, for user-friendly purpose, the output formats are also grouped and labeled by devices that support the very video format, as in mp4 for iPad.

Set mp4 as the output video format

Click “next”, then “Start”

The swf file will be converted to mp4, to be available for playback on iPad