How to convert swf video to iMovie

Imovie – the simple video editing software bundled with ilife suit is one of the symbols of elegance of mac ecosystem, the video editor is deadly easy to use yet equipped with video editing tricks that far exceed the common expectation for free, preinstalled software, it is useful and elegant, so if you find yourself in a mood of further polishing your video stuff, iMovie is a nice chap to work with, unless, the videos you are about to polish is compiled as flash file, which in any case, regretfully, can’t be directly imported to iMovie.

So, what should we do? The standard procedure is to decompile the swf flash, single out audio and video data and encode, remix the reformatted file and a new iMovie friendly file will be created. All of the work can be handled with one software – swf video converter for mac, with a few clicks of mice, you will be able to import your flash file to iMovie and work on it.

This is a step by step tutorial to import swf to iMovie

First download swf video converter, the software supports to output swf flash file to various video codec, in the output format setting menu there’s an option which is to output video to iMovie.
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Install and launch the software.

The swf video converter can be a video conversion tool as well as a basic video editor, web flash downloader. To download a flash video to your hard drive, just copy and paste the url of the webpage where the video is hosted, then it will be saved on your hard drive in a moment of time.

Import the swf files

Click “next”

Set output video format as iMovie

click “convert”, after the conversion you will be able to import the swf file into iMovie for further polishing
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