How to upload SWF to YouTube

SWF files are ubiquitous, and it’s a bit surprising that YouTube still doesn’t give direct pass to upload swf files. Say you screen casted a video with jing the software and saved it as swf files, to upload it to YouTube, you may need to convert the swf files first, YouTube supported many video types, and mp4 will make a perfect alternative for swf files when it comes to sharing through video networks, no matter it is YouTube, Vimeo, yahoo, the mp4 video format is universally supported.

So, the job is pretty straightforward, convert swf to mp4 for uploading to YouTube, to get the job done, one efficient flash video converter is in need, and the swf video converter is one solid candidate if you are seeking for stellar output video quality and doesn’t mind a lengthy converting time.
Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

This is a step by step guide about how to upload swf to YouTube

Download swf video converter, the software supports to output swf flash files to various formats, it will make the swf files available for editing in certain video editors that doesn’t offer native support swf, tame the arrogant apple to accept flash, the output format we choose for uploading YouTube falls to mp4, the most popular video format around.
SWF Video Converter

Install and launch swf video converter.

Import swf files, the swf files could be native files or the flash you stumble on a random page, to obtain the online video, just paste the web address of the page where the video is hosted to the “grab swf” bar and click “grab”, the flash video will soon be downloaded to your hard drive.

Now the swf files are imported, click “next”
Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

Set the output format as mp4, if you have the swf files for other use like put it on iPad or import it in video editors as final cut pro, you will notice that the devices and applications are listed in the output option menu for easy choose.

Click “convert”, the swf file will be converted to mp4 in moments, the conversion time will be lengthy if it is a large and complicated flash file to convert.
Convert SWF Video