How to convert swf to quicktime video

Quicktime is versatile, has a lengthy list of support for standard media format, regretfully, flash doesn’t fall to this category. So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to convert swf to quicktime supported video formats.

Swf flash is the web animation created with adobe flash, it includes audio, video text data as well as interactive actions written in action script. What we are about to do is to decompile the flash file and encode the video and audio data as standard format then remix them into the quicktime video format.

The step by step guide to convert swf to quicktime video

Download swf video converter, the software supports to convert swf to various video format, that, of course include the video format that is available for playback on quicktime. The software can also functions as an online swf animation downloader, if you spot a flash animation on a website, just copy the url and paste in the address bar in the “grab swf” window. Then click “grab”, the swf will be downloaded and saved on your hard drive in in a moment of time.
Download windows version swf video converter Free Download SWF video Converter mac

Now install and launch the software.

Import swf files, click “select files”.

Click “next”.

Then you will be asked to set output video format, for playback on quicktime, mov is a nice choice, mov is also the video format that can be comfortably edited in iMovie or final cut pro, playing smoothly on iPhone, iPad or any other products that made by apple who deny the existence of flash.

Click “convert”

The swf file will soon be converted to mov format for quicktime.